Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two in progress pages plus a new sketch

Also, if you're in the New York area. I am in the Neo Integrity show at the MOCCA museum:


roller coaster by the sea said...

the bottom part of the middle image looks like niagara falls!

Mr. Freibert said...

Austin, really love these pages, is this for a new book? r u going to be at MoCCA fest this year?

Austin English said...

hey noel! yes im at mocca this year. i jsut got into nyc yesterday (approx 13986726384729 hours early for the mocca fest give or take 203478234789247 hours).
these pages are for a new book yeah! hopefully out close to the end of the year.
see you at mocca?? sooner?

Mr. Freibert said...

welcome to U.S. ha ha, see u at mocca!