Monday, July 05, 2010

Odds and Ends

While I'm still hard at work on my upcoming book (which should come out in'll be called "The Disgusting Room") I just dont currently have access to a big scanner to handle those oversized pages. But here's some other stuff I've been working on.

First: a preview of a comic by me for the upcoming PLUT anthology. The book will include stories by Clara Bessijelle, Emelie Östergren, Hanna Gustavsson, Juliacks and Joakim Ojanen.

Second: a mini comic I made for Mocca called Devotional.

I still have copies! It's $5 plus $2 postage. Send to:
Austin English
Clara Johansson
Langholmsgatan 7
Stockholm Sweden

OR just paypal the money to

Third: some linocut prints. They are also for sale. $7 a piece, plus 1 dollar shipping. Same payment info as above.

Goodbye, for now, with a sketchbook page.